pelicula espanola como la espuma

pelicula espanola como la espuma

Foam Party!

2017 | 93 min | Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Romance

Milo (Carlo D'Ursi) is a young man still traumatized from the accident that caused his paraplegia. Desperate to help, Milo's partner and friend Gus (Nacho San José) calls their friend, ‘transsexual Camilla’ (Javier Ballesteros) asking her to plan a party to celebrate Milo's birthday. Camilla organizes an orgy in Milo's big mansion, by sending a mass text message that circulates among friends and strangers. In the midst of this sexual gathering, some people find themselves in the form of true love and connection.


Sara Sálamo, Nacho San José, Pepe Ocio, Sergio Torrico

Directed by:

Roberto Pérez Toledo

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