pelicula dominicana el rey de najayo

pelicula dominicana el rey de najayo

The King of Najayo

2012 | 103 min | Drama, Action & Adventure

The dramatic story of Julian, a Dominican drug lord who despite his confinement in prison, was still able to maintain Dominican society in a state of suspense, for over 13 years. At the early age of 12, he witnessed the death of his father at the hands of local military authorities, during a well-meant attempt to hand-over a package of drugs he had incidentally found at sea while fishing. As a result of this experience, Julian develops a thirst for revenge that leads him to kill all those involved in his father's death. In the process he becomes a major drug lord and a very powerful headman within Dominican society. Nevertheless, despite his overwhelming power and easy access to everything and anything he could want out of life, he meets a woman who drives him to self-confrontation: Laura, who despite having experienced life events far more dramatic than those lived by Julian, decides to choose a path of love rather than one of vengeance. Ultimately, Julian carries-out his plan, which includes the murder of someone very dear to him, only to realize - through Laura - that his life is now far emptier than it ever was.


Manny Pérez, Luz Garcia, Sergio Carlo, Juan Maria Almonte, Rafael Estephan, Socrates Montas, Omar Ramirez

Directed by:

Fernando Baez Mella

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