pelicula mexicana  todas mias

pelicula mexicana  todas mias

Todas Mías

2013 | 96 min | Comedy, Romantic Comedy

Lucas is a successful writer, creator of `Woman is a Goddess`, a novel that makes him very successful with the women. His girlfriend Sandy is a millionaire, with whom he is about to marry. Despite being engaged, Lucas continues his love affairs into the engagement party, where Sandy finds him kissing another woman. After a heated argument, Sandy decides to forgive him on the condition of taking couples therapy. During therapy, he is diagnosed with a Sex Addiction! So, his editor Dagoberto offers his cabin in the middle of the forest so that he can heal and finish his new novel.


Bruno Bichir, Sherlyn, Veronica Jaspeado, Rodrigo Murray, Alejandra Sandoval, Erika Bruni, Erik Guecha, Luz María Jerez, Takahiro Murokava

Directed by:

Joaquín Bissner

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